Assessment & Authorization (A&A)

Is your start-up screen full of blue or white error messages? Are you having trouble staying connected to the Internet? Do programs not open or close responsively because your computer is affected by viruses? Don’t panic — it’s happened to everyone.

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Cloud Security

If you’re a small business owner, you probably don’t have an inhouse IT support team. So how do you manage the IT stuff in your company? In too many cases, the answer is: not well. But small businesses can adopt more effective approaches to IT

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Security Tools Implementation

If just any one of the computer system component is not up to par, then your computer won’t be performing at its best; as a matter of fact it may cause data loss, computer and PC crashes, lockups, performance related issues, and hang-ups. All of these will cost you valuable time and energy, and could cost you a lot of money!

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Security Training and Awareness

We offer a variety of services to residential customers. We can provide general desktop and laptop repair or install a secure home network. If you are having issues with your printer or other digital devices, we are able to help with that also. Below you will find a brief list of example services that we can perform. We are not limited to these and would like to help

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Terp Techs restored our business within 4 hours and saved us valuable time. We will only use Terp Techs services for our computer needs!

Allen Keane
Chief Executive Officer, College Park Glass

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